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Hi there, I'm Ben Hill! I'm an audio engineer, musician, and writer - but most importantly, a storyteller. I have worked on some of the biggest podcasts in the country, which have cumulatively received well over 1 billion downloads. In my day job for the Ramsey Network, I am the lead audio engineer for The Ramsey Show and The Dr. John Delony Show, where I contribute mixing, sound design, and editing. In every show that I work on, I bring a high level of professional experience and creative craftsmanship.


Whether you need sound design for an animated video or professional editing for your podcast, my goal is to make your content engaging and high-quality. And yes, I mix and produce music too. But while you can throw a rock in Nashville and hit a studio engineer, you can't hit someone that specializes in post-production audio and podcasts, who also has a master's degree in creative writing. The intersection of sound and story is my speciality, and I've spent years honing the craft. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me about rates, delivery formats, or just pick my brain about my process. I would love to help tell your story with great sound!

About Me: Inner_about
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