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Services & Pricing

No matter what your audio post-production needs are, I offer flexible solutions to fit the specific needs of your show or project.


Podcast Production & Editing

Contact me at the link above or to get a custom quote for a podcast audio solution that works for you! 

Here are some of services you will get when you hire me to work on your podcast:


I will improve the pacing of your episode by removing long pauses, filler words like "um", and removing redundant sentences. I will also create a full timeline and place music and sound effects exactly where you want them to go for maximum impact and flow. 


While getting clean audio at the source is the best thing you can do, I work diligently to remove noise in the audio, as well as cleaning up mouth clicks, coughs, and other egregious distractions. 


I use signal processing like EQ, de-essing, compression, etc. to get your audio sounding the best it ever has. During this process I will level your dialogue so that each speaker has equivalent loudness.


I am up to date on the latest industry-standard specs for podcasts, and will master your episode to the correct loudness so that your final product can compete with the heavy hitters in the industry.

Sound Design for Film and Animation

My sound design services include are usually custom in nature, and pricing is determined based on the scope of your project. Contact me to get a quote!

Here are some of my sound design services:

Sound Effects

I create and implement sound effects, backgrounds, foley, etc. for maximum emotion and narrative impact, and sync them to video. I use a combination of libraries, recording, and synthesis.


Your dialogue needs to be front and center. I will ensure maximum clarity with noise removal and signal processing to fit your project.

Music Editing

As a trained musician and producer, I will make sure that any music you have in your project will hit right where it needs to. And if you don't know where to start, I can also suggest copyright-free music or compose original music for an additional fee.


I will mix and master all the elements together in your project, and deliver a final mix at professional broadcast specs.

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